A vibrant mixed-use urban village development set in the historical Mill district and founded on the Algoma regions natural wealth in the arts, culture and wilderness experience.



The Riot Act was read after windows were smashed by a

mob of unpaid workers.



Wescott’s orchestra plays to celebrate the opening of Mill #1.



The tallest building in

Sault Ste. Marie.



Edward:  “this would make an ideal gastropub”

Timo: “indeed”



Originally built to manufacture equipment that had yet to be invented

Built between 1895-1901:


Mill Square is centered around the restoration and repurposing of the largest collection of Historical Richardsonian Romanesque buildings in Canada.

Within minutes from Michigan, a day’s drive or an hour’s flight from Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, Mill Square is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a City famous for being both well connected and well receiving.

Visible from the International Bridge between Canada and the United States, Mill Square will become a new urban landmark that celebrates the Northern Experience.

The development framework for Mill Square is designed to amplify markets for local business and provide viable opportunities for private sector commercial tenants through a mixed-use platform that emphasizes dynamic urban density to create new market opportunities.

As a place-making development, Mill Square blends commercial, cultural, and institutional activity that builds towards the creation of vibrant social spaces that will evolve as the development progresses.

Positioned for


Sault Ste. Marie, ON


46°32′N 84°21′W

Vibrant Social Space

Photograph for the Technical Section of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, June 1920

A Cut of

the North

83 Huron St.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


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